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conference: the good, the bad, the beautiful, conference

The truth about hosting your own conference

The Truth about Conferences Someone—who hosted his own conference—once warned me: Doing your own conference is going to be one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences you’ll ever do. You’ll lose money, but you’ll also gain a community. While there could be some truth to that comment, I disagree with several points: It doesn’t…

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How to turn a book into a 6-figure business

How to turn a book into a 6-figure business

Why a 6-Figure Author? Trust me. It’s not about the money. Here’s what I mean… I published my first book in 2004, The Journey Toward Relevance. The truth is, I didn’t know what I was doing. No one was mentoring me on the finer details of writing, publishing, or marketing. Naively, I thought I’d sell…

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3 reasons why defending yourself can destroy you and your business

People will attack The truth is if you choose to shine brightly, inevitably the darkness will try to extinguish your light. Your growth and progress makes some people feel uncomfortable because it forces them to reflect upon their own lives. But the majority of these people aren’t pleased with what they find. Rather than making…

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How to set fire to your business and brand

Set Fire to your Business and Brand Fire is an unstoppable force. It can take life or give it. It inflict pain or initiate healing depending upon the person wielding it. At the 2017 igniting souls conference you’ll discover how to set fire to your business and brand and increase your influence, impact, and income.…

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start a coaching business

9 reasons why NOW is the best time to start your coaching business

Should you Start a Coaching Business? Better face the facts. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to retire at your current place of employment. This means your current day job is temporary. Some employees hear this and “go ostrich.” Fearfully, they stick their heads the ground and ignore this truth. Other employees wake up to the…

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Dream Book

How to Turn your Book into a Dream Business

Dreams aren’t given to you; they’re given through you. Your dream is a temporary trust and unless you take action, it will flee you as quickly as it found you. Start Dreaming. Stop Doing I want you to imagine a life you love. If you’re like most people then this isn’t your current reality…at least not yet.…

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speakers, authors, coaches

How FREE can catapult or cannibalize your business: A proven strategy to help speakers, coaches, and authors level up

Some coaches, speakers, and authors give away everything. As a result, they cheapen their brand; they burn out too. Others never give away anything. They come off as greedy and stingy; they repel people too. FREE is a tool. It can catapult or cannibalize your business. The difference depends upon how you use it. So what’s…

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The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Creating Their Website

The top 3 mistakes people make when creating their website

Do you have a website? Some experts have said if you don’t have a website then you don’t exist. Although this could be taken the wrong way, if potential customers and clients can’t find you then they can’t hire you. A website done well can communicate clarity and competence. It can also increase influence, impact,…

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Episode 106: How to find the perfect business partner

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher) It’s been said that you should be choosier about picking a business partner than even picking a spouse. While I don’t necessarily agree with that I do know that business partnerships often begin on a napkin at a restaurant and end with a judge in a courtroom.…

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Girl Peeking

You don’t need a big following to become an author

“I’m going to build my platform before I become an author.” “Just like all those other big-time authors, I need a bigger following first.” “I don’t have enough fans to publish now.” These statements might sound wise or even prudent, right? And you might have said them or heard other people say them. But these…

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