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3 Steps to achieve your goals and keeping them from getting hacked

3 steps to keep your goals from getting hacked

The Truth Behind Abracadabra As kids, most of us said Abracadabra at some point in our childhood. Maybe we thought this word would add some magic to our wish and make it come true. However, very few of us know the meaning of this word. Abracadabra means “I create as I speak.” Is it possible…

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The #1 thing your book, brand, and business needs even more than greater visibility

Visibility? What would you give in exchange for more of it? Your reputation? Bank account? Friends or family? Your soul? The quality of your soul is much more valuable than the quantity of your followers. Your book, brand, and business doesn’t need more visibility. Rather, it needs more vision. When we lose our way—which we…

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Episode 107 Igniting Souls Podcast 10 Trends of Rising Rockstars

Episode 107: Ten Trends of Rising Rockstars

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher) The Problem with Outliers Too many times we pay attention to obscure examples of success. We obsess about the exceptions, the outliers, and the one-offs. But patterning yourself after these people is a recipe for regret. If you want to tilt the odds in your favor pay…

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Episode 106: How to find the perfect business partner

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher) It’s been said that you should be choosier about picking a business partner than even picking a spouse. While I don’t necessarily agree with that I do know that business partnerships often begin on a napkin at a restaurant and end with a judge in a courtroom.…

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Twenty-One Pilots

The secret to winning the Grammys or anything else in life

Although they literally fill stadiums today, in 2011 Twenty-One Pilots traveled to their first show outside their city. Guess how many people came to this unimpressive basement to hear them perform? Twelve people! If you watch the clip from that show (see above), you’ll realize that Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun didn’t hold back. In…

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6 Ways Your Brain Might Be Getting Hacked

6 ways your BRAIN might be getting hacked

Are distractions holding you back? Take the FREE assessment and discover the truth about yourself. If you’re ready to become unhackable, check out the FREE training.    Ever have an amazing idea? If you’re like most people then you started out excited, ready to implement that idea. But then something happened. Chances are you and your dream got sidelined or…

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