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3 Essential Ingredients for going viral with your book, brand, or business

Episode 85 – 3 essential ingredients for going viral with your book, brand, or business

(Listen via itunes, audioboom, stitcher, or click on the pic below.) Are you ready for viral?  If you’ve been around the Internet for more that a few days then you know going viral is a good thing. Let me qualify that last statement. If you have a book, brand, or business, then going viral is…

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Episode 78 – How to survive and thrive being married to an entrepreneur: A personal interview with Joanne Miller

They call it the Entrepreneur’s Rollercoaster for a reason. And if you’re not careful, you can become “just another statistic.” In this episode I take a deep dive with Joanne Miller, wife of NY Times bestselling author Dan Miller. Together they’ve been married for nearly half a century. Joanne Miller says her #1 secret for…

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Episode 58 – How to test your next business idea so you don’t waste your time and money: Will it Fly? chat with Pat Flynn and Kary Oberbrunner

What if you could predict the success of your idea BEFORE you launched it? What if you found a map to help you steer through all the minefields? Imagine the time and money you’d save. Imagine the embarrassment you’d avoid. Imagine the insight you’d gain.   But crystal balls don’t exist and no one knows…

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