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take your coaching business to the next level

The #1 thing you lack that would catapult your coaching business to the next level

Why you Need to Level Up Do you have a side-hustle, a means of income other than your day job? If so, you’re not alone. In 2013: 6.8 million Americans had a side-hustle. This represents 5% of the population. In 2017: 44 millions have a side-hustle. This represents 18% of the population. Why the increase?…

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How to super rocket your success, as an author, coach, and speaker

Episode 93: How to super rocket your success as an author, coach, and speaker

(Listen via itunes, audioboom, stitcher, or click on the pic below.) In 2012, I bombed big time. I sat outside a big corporate office in our minivan, dressed up in a suit and tie. I had just tried pitching my first corporate client and I had made a fool of myself. I held a big…

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we know everything about you

Episode 92 – ELIXIR Project: We know everything about you

(Listen via itunes, audioboom, stitcher, or click on the pic below.) In this candid interview with Chris O’Byrne of Jet Launch—the interior designer of ELIXIR Project—we discuss several key topics including: How to leverage live events for maximum impact The costs of getting hacked personally and professionally Pros and cons of self-publishing and traditional publishing…

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Episode 79 – How to overcome depression: 10 responses when you feel stuck in the desert

A number of years back I went through a season of depression. You could call it a “desert” type experience. But through the process though I discovered a powerful promise that kept me going and prevented me from giving up: The desert is a place of preparation before exaltation. (Tweet This) As I looked at history I…

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Episode 75 – How to overcome an addiction to email and social media

Sounds a bit far-fetched perhaps, but I promise it’s true. The idea for my first ever novel—ELIXIR Project—came to me in a dream the night of October 8th, 2014. The next day I woke up and typed a few short notes on my phone. It was a very loose idea at first, but the more…

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Episode 67 – Becoming Unhackable: Closing the gaps that leak your power

Becoming Unhackable?  Often we hear of THINGS getting hacked (phones, computers, bank accounts, etc.). But 2 years ago I saw an interesting trend with some of my clients. They had a dream of starting a business or ministry, writing a book or launching a cause or online course. They began with optimism, passion, and even clarity.…

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You’re more than what you’ve become

Deep in your core, you know it: Your present context is not your ultimate destiny. The extent of your current awareness doesn’t come close to the potential that lurks beneath the surface. You something to give the world—though it’s momentarily untapped and untouched. In case you’ve forgotten, may I be the first to remind you? You’re more than what you’ve…

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Episode 055 – Feedback Filters: Why the breakfast of champions will crush your competiton

Today’s podcast is all about Feedback. Speaking of feedback, have you heard that it’s often called The Breakfast of Champions? But just because winners invite feedback doesn’t mean all feedback is equal. “Haters” have feedback and plenty of it. But is their feedback helpful or harmful? In episode #055, I share 8 filters I use…

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Episode 051 – How to tell your friends their Digital Fly © is down

Digital Fly? Yep, we all have one. Ever stand on a stage and give a speech? Ever sit back down and realize your “fly” was down? Embarrassing, hey? But what happens if you had a friend who knew it was down…and they didn’t tell you? (Not cool.) And yet, we’ve all had this experience, right?…

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Episode 050 – The dark side of false humility: Why playing small often just means you’re running scared

Have you ever found yourself backpedaling from an opportunity to step on a “bigger stage?” You passed on the moment because you didn’t want to “seem arrogant.” Maybe you were worried how you might come across? You certainly didn’t want to be “that guy” or “that gal.” What if the truth is you were just…

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