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The YouTuber Journey SawnkyBox

How to maximize your online presence with YouTube

Are you online?  The Washington Post says you’re on 9 hours a day if you’re a teen. CNN reports it’s 10 hours if you’re an adult. Simply put, we’re online for a large portion of our day. As authors, coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs, the real question isn’t are we online, but rather what are we doing online? If…

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How to become a 6-figure earner as a coach this year

How to become a 6-figure earner as a coach this year

Coaching as a Side-Hustle  Better face the facts. It’s highly unlikely you’re going to retire at your current place of employment. This means your current day job is temporary. Some employees hear this and “go ostrich.” Fearfully, they stick their heads in the ground and ignore this truth. Other employees wake up to the fact it’s their…

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The single most important component of all online business is your email list and how you use it, known as email marketing.

The #1 thing you need to start or scale your online business

I Started Out Clueless When I first started an online business I had zero clue how to do it. Back then I didn’t know if I should focus on increasing Facebook likes, Youtube views, LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers, or whatever else sprang up overnight. The truth is, none of these metrics matter compared to the…

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conference: the good, the bad, the beautiful, conference

The truth about hosting your own conference

The Truth about Conferences Someone—who hosted his own conference—once warned me: Doing your own conference is going to be one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences you’ll ever do. You’ll lose money, but you’ll also gain a community. While there could be some truth to that comment, I disagree with several points: It doesn’t…

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take your coaching business to the next level

The #1 thing you lack that would catapult your coaching business to the next level

Why you Need to Level Up Do you have a side-hustle, a means of income other than your day job? If so, you’re not alone. In 2013: 6.8 million Americans had a side-hustle. This represents 5% of the population. In 2017: 44 millions have a side-hustle. This represents 18% of the population. Why the increase?…

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speakers, authors, coaches

How FREE can catapult or cannibalize your business: A proven strategy to help speakers, coaches, and authors level up

Some coaches, speakers, and authors give away everything. As a result, they cheapen their brand; they burn out too. Others never give away anything. They come off as greedy and stingy; they repel people too. FREE is a tool. It can catapult or cannibalize your business. The difference depends upon how you use it. So what’s…

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The Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Creating Their Website

The top 3 mistakes people make when creating their website

Do you have a website? Some experts have said if you don’t have a website then you don’t exist. Although this could be taken the wrong way, if potential customers and clients can’t find you then they can’t hire you. A website done well can communicate clarity and competence. It can also increase influence, impact,…

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4 Ways to Attract Better Clients and More of Them

Episode 108: 4 ways to attract better clients and more of them

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher) We don’t get what we want, we get who we are. If we want to attract excellent clients then we must strive for excellence ourselves. After all, we can’t lead others where we haven’t led ourselves. In this episode I share how attracting excellent clients comes down…

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Igniting Souls Podcast

Episode 105: How to create a killer coaching business as your side hustle

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher.) In 2011, while still in my day job, I saw the writing on the wall. Although I loved the people I worked with and the organization I worked for, I also knew I had untapped potential and unrealized dreams. I began coaching a few clients on the…

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Amy Schmittauer Kary Oberbrunner

Episode 104: How to use video to grow your book, brand, or business. An interview with Vlog Boss Amy Schmittauer

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher.) Are you leveraging the hottest tool on social media? If you’re not using video for your book, brand, or business you are missing out on increasing your influence, impact, and income. The truth is though, most of us are scared or at least a little intimidated to enter…

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