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Episode 104: How to use video to grow your book, brand, or business. An interview with Vlog Boss Amy Schmittauer

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Are you leveraging the hottest tool on social media?

If you’re not using video for your book, brand, or business you are missing out on increasing your influence, impact, and income.

The truth is though, most of us are scared or at least a little intimidated to enter the brave new world of video or vlogging.

There is a solution. I invited special guest, the queen of vlogging, Amy Schmittauer, to join us.


Her #1 Bestselling book—Vlog Like a Boss—is sweeping the globe. She has now captured the word VLOG on all of Amazon.

Amy is here to show you how to kill it online with video blogging. With a collection of strategies and tactics from years of experience in online video, Schmittauer shares time-tested, proven methods to creating brand awareness with vlogging that will build a loyal community for years to come.

Listen in and learn. Your future clients will thank you.

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