Episode 055 – Feedback Filters: Why the breakfast of champions will crush your competiton

Today’s podcast is all about Feedback.

Speaking of feedback, have you heard that it’s often called The Breakfast of Champions? But just because winners invite feedback doesn’t mean all feedback is equal.

“Haters” have feedback and plenty of it. But is their feedback helpful or harmful? In episode #055, I share 8 filters I use to qualify the feedback. I’ll give you the quick rundown here, but for the expanded version make sure to listen in.

I seek feedback from people who are:

F – Further = They’re getting the results I want.

E – Ethical = They match my values.

E – Esteemed = They’ve earned my respect.

D – Discerning = They not only have knowledge, but they also know how to apply it.

B – Believable = They do what they say and say what they do.

A – Aware = They’ve discovered their own blindspots and shortcomings.

C – Courageous = They not only talk about bravery; they exemplify it in their daily life.

K – Keen = They can think clearly about things that aren’t obvious to everyone.

Not all feedback is equal. Discover how to qualify your feedback with 8 essential filters.

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