we know everything about you

Episode 92 – ELIXIR Project: We know everything about you

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In this candid interview with Chris O’Byrne of Jet Launch—the interior designer of ELIXIR Project—we discuss several key topics including:

  • How to leverage live events for maximum impact
  • The costs of getting hacked personally and professionally
  • Pros and cons of self-publishing and traditional publishing
  • A brave new way of publishing

And much more.

Episode 92 concludes with a sneak peek of chapter 9 from ELIXIR Project.

Sienna meets Phoebe, a woman full of fire and mystique. She seems to know quite a bit about the girls.

 Chloe turns on the surround sound, and our favorite song comes on. I look at Phoebe, who is grinning in admiration, pleased by the wonder in our eyes. We ascend gently, a few inches off the ground, floating on a pillow of air.

“Hey,” Chloe says. “How did you know we like this song?”

“We know everything about you.” Phoebe winks.

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