Episode 58 – How to test your next business idea so you don’t waste your time and money: Will it Fly? chat with Pat Flynn and Kary Oberbrunner

What if you could predict the success of your idea BEFORE you launched it?

What if you found a map to help you steer through all the minefields?

  • Imagine the time and money you’d save.
  • Imagine the embarrassment you’d avoid.
  • Imagine the insight you’d gain.


But crystal balls don’t exist and no one knows for sure anyways, right?

Up until now, maybe this were true. But what if you did have a 5-step framework, chocked full of case studies, stories, examples, and insights that told you otherwise?

  • Will that beef jerky subscription company succeed?
  • What about leveraging your design expertise into an educational online experience?

In WILL IT FLY, these real life ideas and many more are pushed through a specific paradigm. On the other side, you’ll see why these ideas experienced success.

Wisdom advises us to determine if our idea will fly or flop BEFORE we launch it. (Click to Tweet or Share on FB)

Forget “luck” and “chance” or “knowing the right people.” Just like airplanes fly because of certain universal laws relative to flight, so do effective business ideas.

In this candid conversation, I sit down with serial entrepreneur Pat Flynn and unpack the finer points of WILL IT FLY—a manual for how to test your next business idea so you don’t waste your time and money.


QUESTION: What’s your cool idea?

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