Episode 61 – Why your marketing efforts aren’t working (and what to do to change it)

Sales and marketing?

Those two words sound like cuss words to most of us creative folks. (BTW…you are a “creative folk” in my book, regardless how you feel on the topic.)

But without effective sales and marketing the best product or service doesn’t have a chance of survival. So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

  • Do we focus on sales and marketing and go against our gut?
  • Do we ignore sales and marketing and die a slow death?

How about neither!

I chose to redefine sales and marketing instead. For the past several years I’ve redefined sales as serving and marketing as storytelling.

Smart entrepreneurs view sales as serving and marketing as storytelling.
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So does it work?

The results speak for themselves. Our business has doubled every year the past four years. I never focus on “selling” any client. Rather, I focus on serving them instead. In the process, many end up buying (remember Jonily’s own testimony from episode 53?)

Sadly, most businesses aren’t using social media intelligently. Unfortunately, they’re making some simple, but costly mistakes. In this week’s episode of the Igniting Souls Podcast, I unpack why most marketing I see on social media ISN’T WORKING.

I also share practical steps on how to make the switch effectively. I want you to maximize AND monetize your message to its fullest potential. (Click on the play button below to listen.)


If you want to change your marketing results you must change your marketing strategies. Listen to episode 61 and run circles around your competition.


QUESTION: What do you think is more effective feeling sold or being served?

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