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The single most important component of all online business is your email list and how you use it, known as email marketing.

The #1 thing you need to start or scale your online business

I Started Out Clueless When I first started an online business I had zero clue how to do it. Back then I didn’t know if I should focus on increasing Facebook likes, Youtube views, LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers, or whatever else sprang up overnight. The truth is, none of these metrics matter compared to the…

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Episode 61 – Why your marketing efforts aren’t working (and what to do to change it)

Sales and marketing? Those two words sound like cuss words to most of us creative folks. (BTW…you are a “creative folk” in my book, regardless how you feel on the topic.) But without effective sales and marketing the best product or service doesn’t have a chance of survival. So what’s an entrepreneur to do? Do…

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