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You’re more than what you’ve become

Deep in your core, you know it: Your present context is not your ultimate destiny. The extent of your current awareness doesn’t come close to the potential that lurks beneath the surface. You something to give the world—though it’s momentarily untapped and untouched. In case you’ve forgotten, may I be the first to remind you? You’re more than what you’ve…

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10 Tips to Get Busy Living

ARE YOU BUSY LIVING OR BUSY DYING?  It’s one or the other. And there is no in between. But what does it look like to get unstuck? These 10 tips put me on a path to overcome the Resistance. ——————— QUESTION: What does it look like for you to get “busy living” ? (Please comment below.…

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10 Dream Killers that are out to get you

They’re called DREAM KILLERS. They never hunt down average or ordinary. They set their sights on taking down exceptional and extraordinary. But unless you know who these killers are they’ll bury you and your dream. You’ve rattled their cage. Isn’t it time you ripped off their mask?   ——————— QUESTION: What are some Dream Killers you’ve encountered? …

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4 ways to respond to your haters

You can rush to defend or clarify, but do you want to? Is that your calling? You can spend bundles of “sideways energy” and accomplish nothing more than being distracted from advancing your mission.

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