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Igniting Souls Podcast

Episode 105: How to create a killer coaching business as your side hustle

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher.) In 2011, while still in my day job, I saw the writing on the wall. Although I loved the people I worked with and the organization I worked for, I also knew I had untapped potential and unrealized dreams. I began coaching a few clients on the…

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Amy Schmittauer Kary Oberbrunner

Episode 104: How to use video to grow your book, brand, or business. An interview with Vlog Boss Amy Schmittauer

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher.) Are you leveraging the hottest tool on social media? If you’re not using video for your book, brand, or business you are missing out on increasing your influence, impact, and income. The truth is though, most of us are scared or at least a little intimidated to enter…

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Episode 66 – How to make fast cash as a professional coach. Kicking your coaching business into high gear overnight.

One of our listeners wrote in this week with a desperate request: The above excerpt is mild. But as I dove deeper into his story my heart broke. He has a wife and kids and he’s burning through cash…fast. He needs to stop the bleeding…fast. I wanted to help. And after a few days, I thought of…

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