Episode 66 – How to make fast cash as a professional coach. Kicking your coaching business into high gear overnight.

One of our listeners wrote in this week with a desperate request:

coaching business

The above excerpt is mild. But as I dove deeper into his story my heart broke. He has a wife and kids and he’s burning through cash…fast.

He needs to stop the bleeding…fast.

I wanted to help. And after a few days, I thought of a way. He gave me permission to share his story…without using his real name. And so I dedicated an episode for him…and others like him.

Although I’d never recommend launching a coaching business when you’re up against the ropes, without a backup plan, sometimes you don’t have a choice. Whether or not your back is against the wall, if you need strategies to kickstart your business, then tune in. I share the tactics I used to launch my own coaching business.

These principles can be integrated into many different industries. Don’t give in to your fears. There is hope.

Kick your business into high gear overnight.

(The Harvard Business Review Article I reference: What Coaches Can Do For You)


QUESTION: Do you think it’s easier to be successful when your back is up against the wall?

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I believe you have what it takes. You may just not have the tools…at least not yet. Click on the pic below to discover how to get busy living. See yourself through new eyes and begin creating the life you want.



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