say no to shiny objects

How to find clarity and courage to say no to shiny objects

Shiny Objects Steal Your Best From You

Shiny objects are simply dressed up distractions, designed to sabotage you and your success. They often arrive in your inbox appearing as “good” opportunities sent by sincere people.

Unfortunately, pursuing them demands a hefty price tag—measured in dollars and hours. If you’re not careful, they’ll suck you in. You’ll emerge months or years later bankrupt of energy and enthusiasm. They’ll rob you of your best ideas and leave you footing the bill.

In today’s podcast episode I share how to say no to these distractions.

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Clarity Steers You Away From Shiny Objects

Can anyone resist shiny objects? After all, their “pull” is so strong. Besides distractions are a common coping mechanism we use when we feel overwhelmed with life. No wonder why so many of us crave them.

A life of distraction will never produce a life of meaning.

Free Deeper Path BookIf you want your time to count then you must count your time. You must wake up to the fact that life is too short to chase shiny objects for too long.

Over a decade ago, I sought out distractions on a regular basis. Truth be told, I used them to numb my pain. Thankfully, I woke up to the fact that numbing my pain was also numbing my potential.

At that same time, I met a man named Chet Scott who helped me break free from my addiction to shiny objects. He showed me a process in which I authored my OPUS.

O = Over-arching Vision

P = Purpose

U = Unifying Strategies

S = Scorecard for Significance

I took that Deeper Path and put pen to paper. I emerged with clarity for the first time in my life. (Read my OPUS by clicking the image.)


Courage Helps You Say No to Shiny Objects

To this day, my OPUS guides me toward clarity and away from shiny objects. I refer to it on a daily basis—after all we each make 35,000 decisions a day. Unless we have a built-in filter we’ll burn out.

Want to author your OPUS? I think it’s the best tool to find the clarity and courage to say NO to shiny objects. The Deeper Path will open you up to a new way and a new world. I bought you a FREE copy and I’ve included the Purpose Assessment with each order. All I ask is that you cover a small fee for shipping and handling.

All the details are here, but we only have a limited supply. Grab your FREE copy today and discover how to say no to the shiny objects.

Free Deeper Path Book


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