6 Essential Ingredients you can't overlook

Episode 94: How to create a killer book release party. 6 essential ingredients you can’t overlook

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Your book needs a party

If you’re going to launch a book effectively then you need to tie it to an event. As a seasoned author I coach all my clients to consider having a birthday party for their book. In this episode I teach you how to create a killer book release party. I share 6 essential ingredients you can’t overlook.

Forget theory, I give you a front row seat as I unpack the who, what, when, where, why, and how of an effective book release party.

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You are the guest of honor. We’ll also have readers, leaders, coaches, authors, entrepreneurs, and everyone else in between. If you’re interested then we want you there. ELIXIR Project is a near-future fiction thriller with elements that mirror where our world is headed.  


The world’s largest book release party. It’s called a global release and it’s live streaming worldwide. Expect 90 minutes of pure engagement. We’ll mix up the components and add tons of flavor to the experience. Want a sneak peek? Think film, giveaways, Q and A, interview, entertainment, mini “TED talk,” and much more.



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December 6th, from 7 PM – 8:30 PM Eastern (World Time Converter Here)


Choose 1 of 3 ways to attend:

(1) In Lewis Center, Ohio 

Attend in person: Life Point, 7719 Graphics Way, Lewis Center, OH 43035 
(North of 270, right of 23, just north of Orange Rd. and South of Menard’s – Click Map Here

(2) At a satellite party location 

Attend in person via one of the live stream locations. 
(Click Map Here OR Register to Host Your Own)

(3) On your own electronic device 

Attend via your smart phone, tablet, computer, etc. 



Elixir Project is near-future fiction thriller. Advance readers of all ages and demographics have loved it…even people who swear “they never read fiction.” Click on the pic to see the trailer or read the description below:

Will this fact set Sienna free or plunge her into an even bigger lie?

Sienna Lewis lives in a world constantly threatened by a hacktivist group known as SWARM. After SWARM executes its deadliest attack yet, Sienna and her three college friends learn they have been chosen for the ELIXIR Project—a master plan designed to overthrow SWARM—and participation is mandatory.

As she faces the deadly challenges of the Project, Sienna confronts layers of conspiracies that force her to question everyone she trusts and everything she believes about her friends, her parents’ untimely deaths, and herself—all while staying one step ahead of SWARM. In this fast-paced, near-future thriller, will love and loyalty have time to catch up with Sienna? Or will she crack under the pressure of a future already chosen for her?


Elixir Project can also be interpreted as a modern day metaphor. The book reveals how most of us are in danger of being hacked personally and professionally. Click on the pic to see more or read the description below:


Have you ever had an idea or dream? Have you ever started out excited, ready to implement your plan? What happened? Chances are you got sidelined somewhere along the way. Maybe you got distracted or lost focus. If you’ve experienced this, then you’re not alone. Just like phones and computers get hacked, people get hacked too. And unless you find a solution then you’re destined to repeat the same pattern and remain stuck and frustrated. Isn’t it time you discovered how to become unhackable?

What if….

  • You had the power to create ideas and implement them effectively and effectively?
  • You were able to architect your attention and invest in the things important to you?
  • You knew how to find and utilize the needed resources to accomplish your dream?
  • You understood how to exponentially increase your impact upon the world?
  • You could organize your life around flow: where you feel your best and do your best?

What if you could experience unhackability on a daily basis?


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About The Author

Kary Oberbrunner

KARY OBERBRUNNER is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-Selling Author and CEO of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency, a global company that runs on EOS. Its core focus is helping people write, publish, and market their books the right way and turn them into 18 streams of income. He’s an award-winning author of ten books, a screenwriter, and he’s been featured in Entrepreneur, CBS, Fox News, Yahoo, and many other major media outlets. As a young man, he suffered from severe stuttering, depression, and self-injury. Today a transformed man, Kary ignites souls. As an international speaker, he loves topics that capture his heart and mind such as: leadership, personal growth, human performance, blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship. As a futurist and host of the Blockchain Life podcast, he often consults on marketing, branding, IP, and NFTs. He has several earned degrees including a Bachelor of Arts, Masters in Divinity, and Doctorate in Transformational Leadership. He lives in Ohio with his family.

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