The name change ceremony

Episode 91: ELIXIR Project: The Name Change Ceremony

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Becoming Unhackable – the event

In the first part of the podcast, enjoy a play-by-play breakdown of #IgnitingSouls16 from this past weekend. You’ll experience a plethora of coaching nuggets that will help you level up own book, brand, and business.

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Becoming Unhackable – the book

In the second part of the podcast, experience Elixir Project, the book. In chapter 8 of Elixir Project Sienna and her friends realize a little more about why they’ve been kidnapped.

Maybe my Uncle Cai has been protecting me, even now?

“College kids.” McNultey shakes his head. “You’ll get your new names soon enough.”

“Tonight, at the Name Change ceremony,” Kiran replies. “Of course, you’re going to need some work before you make your grand entrance to the worldwide audience.”

“Excuse me?” Chloe says. “Did you say world?”

“Why, yes. London is in shambles and humans have now been hacked. ELIXIR must respond with swift action or the whole planet will be thrown into chaos,” Kiran explains. “Why else would we go through all this trouble—kidnapping as you call it?”

I still don’t understand what Kiran is saying.

“What’s ELIXIR’s strategy, McNultey?” Darren asks. “Got some kind of secret weapon you’ve been hiding here on campus?”

“Wise guy, hey?” McNultey replies. “Of course we have a secret weapon.”
“What is it? A rocket? Supercomputer? Nuclear weapon?” Nick asks.

“More powerful than all those combined,” Kiran replies.

“What could be more powerful than a nuclear weapon?” Chloe asks.

“Why, that’s simple, dearie—you. You’re the secret weapon.”

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Kary Oberbrunner

KARY OBERBRUNNER is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best-Selling Author and CEO of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency, a global company that runs on EOS. Its core focus is helping people write, publish, and market their books the right way and turn them into 18 streams of income. He’s an award-winning author of ten books, a screenwriter, and he’s been featured in Entrepreneur, CBS, Fox News, Yahoo, and many other major media outlets. As a young man, he suffered from severe stuttering, depression, and self-injury. Today a transformed man, Kary ignites souls. As an international speaker, he loves topics that capture his heart and mind such as: leadership, personal growth, human performance, blockchain technology, and entrepreneurship. As a futurist and host of the Blockchain Life podcast, he often consults on marketing, branding, IP, and NFTs. He has several earned degrees including a Bachelor of Arts, Masters in Divinity, and Doctorate in Transformational Leadership. He lives in Ohio with his family.

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