Episode 89 – ELIXIR Project: Fear no one but truth

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What’s your desire?

Ask children what they desire and they’ll tell you. It’s no secret to them or anybody else. A bigger question is, do they see their desire fulfilled?

Often times, the reality is no. They may simply move on to the next thing out of boredom or difficulty, but are you and I that different?

Desire without deadlines are simply pipe dreams. (Tweet This)

A secret of high performance are deadlines.

What’s your deadline?

Confession! In one sense I hate deadlines. I know that when I put a date out there, then I’m on the hook. If I fail to deliver, than in a way I’ve failed.

In another sense, I love deadlines. I know without them I’d never get anything done. They force me to focus my attention and amplify my energy. More on this topic in episode 89.

Fear no one, but truth.

In the second part of the episode, we find Sienna and her friends kidnapped and inside a transport vehicle. Sienna is the first to wake up. She meets ELIXIR’s spokesperson Tilda. Here’s that interaction:

But then I find them—or maybe they find me.

Unmistakably blue, ignited by a bottomless fire. Tilda’s
gaze pierces me, unwrapping every fiber and undressing
every mask. Then she speaks again, her voice a blend of
seduction and mystery, dripping with hypnotic intonation:

“Please let me offer an apology and congratulations. First the
apology. Although I’m unsure of the exact measures administered
to bring you to ELIXIR, I’m assuming they were somewhat
extreme. Understand, our current campaign against SWARM
demands we adhere to the highest levels of security. We could not
jeopardize our Project at this time by providing details about
your relocation to you or your families. In the future, you will
know the whole truth.

“And now for the congratulations. Unbeknownst to you,
we’ve been monitoring you for quite some time. We’ll share
more on this topic when you arrive. You are one of twelve clerics
we have recruited from all corners of the world to assist in the
overthrow of SWARM. Soon you will become household names.

“I’m sure you have questions. But rest assured, ELIXIR has
the answers—and in time you will, too. Breathe deeply. I know
the angst you taste. I was once recruited by ELIXIR, too. I chose
to accept the call for my country, my family, and myself. Today
my life is forever changed.

“I look forward to meeting you very soon. Remember, fear
no one but truth.”

Should Sienna trust Tilda or should she run the other way?

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