Elixir Project

Episode 87 – ELIXIR Project: The new technology that reads your thoughts

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Clear Coaching

This episode begins with sound practical coaching on when to grow your team, how to grow your team, and what to charge for your services. Most leaders make the mistake of trying to do everything for far too long. This tendency stagnates growth and leads to burn out. Discover practical steps to avoid this trap.

Clear Content

After that, it’s all ELIXIR Project. Sienna and her Uncle Cai engage in a heated debate about Cortex, the cutting edge smart ring that utilizes a new technology called Prompts. Sienna sees the risks, but Cai only sees the benefits. Sienna’s Uncle understands the value because it could be used to defeat SWARM, a hacktivist group  which threatens global peace.

Clear Choices

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Kary Oberbrunner

I am an author, coach and speaker who helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they're here, and where they're going so they can become a Soul on Fire, experience Unhackability, and share their message with the world.

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