Episode 107 Igniting Souls Podcast 10 Trends of Rising Rockstars

Episode 107: Ten Trends of Rising Rockstars

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The Problem with Outliers

Too many times we pay attention to obscure examples of success.

We obsess about the exceptions, the outliers, and the one-offs.

But patterning yourself after these people is a recipe for regret. If you want to tilt the odds in your favor pay attention to these 10 Trends instead.

The best part is anyone can do them. Ironically, that’s also the problem. Because they’re available to any of us at anytime, these 10 Trends are underrated. As a result, hardly anyone implements them—except these Rockstars. They found a way…and now you can too.


The Solution with Rockstars

1. Brian Wagner = Relentless Serving

2. Laura Harris = Pure Courage

3. Shanda Heilman = Unwavering Resourcefulness

4. Laura Diehl = Authentic Compassion

5. Chris McClure / Mark Williams = Imperfect Action

6. Renee Vidor = Savvy Integration

7. Pat Gano / Erica Foster = Generational Collaboration

8. Jim Akers = Systematic Storytelling

9. Stuart Lamont = Methodical Preparation

10. Merrilyn Hughes = Committed Victor

Each of these Rockstars are part of the Igniting Souls Tribe. This unhackable community is comprised of our clients. One recent member said this about the Tribe:

I just wanted to take a minute and share with everyone how unique I have found this tribe to be. I am a part of six groups…three are free and three I pay between $20 and $30 per month to participate. Some of the groups have more members than Igniting Souls, but they all fail miserably in the area of support and interaction.


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Kary Oberbrunner

I am an author, coach and speaker who helps individuals and organizations clarify who they are, why they're here, and where they're going so they can become a Soul on Fire, experience Unhackability, and share their message with the world.

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