Episode 63 – How to create and leverage one idea to change your life and countless others


I love the quote above from Inception (one of my favorite movies):

The movie explores how ideas are created, stolen, and shared. You might wonder why do I love ideas so much? Here’s why: because ideas infect people.

Inception asks:

  • What is the most resilient parasite?  An idea.  Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it’s almost impossible to eradicate.

Are ideas that powerful? YOU BET!

Unfortunately, not all ideas are created equal. Some thrive, while others just die…and never see the light of day.

So what makes a killer idea?

The past few years I went on a journey to discover the answer to that question. In this week’s podcast I share the 7 essential stages required to create a killer idea. This idea could be for your business, book, ministry, invention, etc.

These 7 stages are:

  1. Messaging
  2. Envisioning 
  3. Engaging
  4. Freethinking
  5. Pitching
  6. Ideating
  7. Choosing

You can listen here or by clicking on the pic below.

Although I take you on a deep dive in the podcast, I knew this topic deserved something even more. Simply put, you deserve something more. Idea anatomy is one of my passion projects for one single reason:

Ideas can change the world. My-Book-Hook-Kary-Oberbrunner-300x91

As a result, we created a FREE 7 day video course. Although it’s called MY BOOK HOOK you can apply the framework to any idea, not just books. We allowed a beta group test it the past few days. You can check out a few of their comments below:



Lori Heitrich ·

I appreciate how concise and manageable you make what would otherwise be an overwhelming process!

Mark LaMaster ·

Thanks for this awesome training!

Amy Joy Hooke ·

I’m hooked! Can’t wait for the next lesson 

Delores Hamilton McKenzie ·

This is awesome and powerful. Thanks Kary.

Kaye Carter

Awesome concept with the 7 day model!
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