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Episode 80 – How to become a thought leader and certify people on your own content

Could you be earning more influence, impact, & income? If you’re a content creator (speaker, blogger, authors, podcaster, etc.) and you’re not certifying people to speak, coach, and train on your content, then you could be leaving massive amounts of influence, impact, and income on the table. Over the past 5 years we’ve issued well over…

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Episode 60 – Why passive IMPACT trumps passive INCOME every time. How to maximize your message, even while you sleep.

You’ve probably heard of passive income—right? Passive Income is INCOME from a venture in which an individual does not directly participate. (Listen here, on iTunes, or via streaming audio by clicking play on the pic below.)  There are plenty of advantages to this type of income. In this structure customers and clients pay you repeatedly…

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4 ways to respond to your haters

You can rush to defend or clarify, but do you want to? Is that your calling? You can spend bundles of “sideways energy” and accomplish nothing more than being distracted from advancing your mission.

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