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3 reasons why defending yourself can destroy you and your business

People will attack The truth is if you choose to shine brightly, inevitably the darkness will try to extinguish your light. Your growth and progress makes some people feel uncomfortable because it forces them to reflect upon their own lives. But the majority of these people aren’t pleased with what they find. Rather than making…

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Twenty-One Pilots

The secret to winning the Grammys or anything else in life

Although they literally fill stadiums today, in 2011 Twenty-One Pilots traveled to their first show outside their city. Guess how many people came to this unimpressive basement to hear them perform? Twelve people! If you watch the clip from that show (see above), you’ll realize that Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun didn’t hold back. In…

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How to Make 2017 Your Year of Unhackability

Episode 100: How to Make 2017 Your Year of Unhackability

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher.) The odds aren’t in your favor. Unless you’re superhuman or you have a secret weapon, you’re probably going to get hacked in 2017. What does this mean exactly? It means that you’ll have an amazing idea, but then the noise of life will sideline or sabotage you…

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