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Episode 107 Igniting Souls Podcast 10 Trends of Rising Rockstars

Episode 107: Ten Trends of Rising Rockstars

(Listen to this episode via itunes, audioboom, or stitcher) The Problem with Outliers Too many times we pay attention to obscure examples of success. We obsess about the exceptions, the outliers, and the one-offs. But patterning yourself after these people is a recipe for regret. If you want to tilt the odds in your favor pay…

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You’re never too old to write your book

Do you have a story inside you? 82% of the population believes they do. Ironically, 99% of those people never publish their book. As a result, when they die, so does their story. I’ve worked with hundreds of authors to write, publish, and market their books. And here’s what I’ve realized: “We must all suffer…

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