Episode 62 – Should you host your own live event? 6 reasons why you might want to consider it in the near future

Hosting your own live event can make or break your business.

If done correctly, events can propel you forward and increase your influence, impact, and income. But if done incorrectly they can be a fatal drain on your time and money.

So how do you know if doing your own live event is the right move? In my 12 years as an author I’ve discovered 6 reasons why doing them makes sense. (Listen below)



In a way, these 6 reasons serve as a filter for our team. They help us stay focused on our ultimate goal—Igniting Souls. These 6 reasons spell the word T-A-C-T-I-C.

Quick refresher on tactics. The dictionary defines tactic as:

an action or strategy carefully planned to achieve a specific end. This is the ONLY reason we do live events, when we have a specific end in mind. The event is NEVER an end unto itself.


In this episode I share how live events (done the right way) achieve these 6 tactics:

  1. Teamwork = Events require you to rely upon other people.
  2. Assets = Events create assets you can repurpose in the future.
  3. Clarity = Events demand you to clarify your message.
  4. Transformation = Events create an environments of change.
  5. Immersion = Events amplify the ability to integrate content.
  6. Community = Events ignite and sustain dynamic community.

Besides merely listing these 6 tactics, I take you on a deep dive how to achieve each tactic too. Listen in and discover how to leverage events to work for you and your business. Learn how to maximize your message in a significant and successful way.

(Resources I mention in the podcast = Example of a one sheet. Inspirational video on your Why. Stephanie Lefler’s FB. View the photo album from #IgnitingSouls15)

QUESTION: Have you ever experienced life change at a live event?

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