Episode 70 – The information DIET. How consuming too much content is giving your business a serious bellyache


I overheard someone a few months back boasting about the amount of books she read over the past year (more than one per week). In addition, this person also subscribes to dozens of blogs and podcasts. She attends conferences, purchases products, and enrolls in many courses.

The other people hearing these boasts were feeling rather small. They weren’t consuming half as much content as her, not even 10%. The self-limiting beliefs and doubts were written all over their faces. They wondered:

Maybe this is why my business isn’t going as well as it should?
Maybe this is the secret sauce of success?
Maybe I’m a loser?

If content volume alone was the true sign of success then, we should all drop everything and go binging. But content alone never helped anyone succeed. Knowledge isn’t power. The right use of knowledge is power. (It’s called wisdom.)

Focusing on volume at the expense of depth only ensures a shallow level of success. (Tweet This)

The truth is, most of us would experience massive benefits, personally and professionally, if we went on the Information D.I.E.T. Why? Isn’t this reckless or anti-intellectual to stop consuming as much content? Not if you consider the truth.



There’s more information produced every 2 days today than all the information ever created from the beginning of time until 2003. Did you catch that? This means if you’re going to play the volume game you’ll lose everyday!

About 7 years ago I went on an information D.I.E.T. First I’ll tell you the benefits. Next I’ll tell you the components.


Have you ever stood in front of the cupboard or refrigerator looking for something to eat when you’re not even hungry? You might say everyday! If so you’re not alone.

We like to consume food when we’re bored, confused, overwhelmed, or uninspired.

Guess what? Many entrepreneurs do the same thing. They get bored, confused, overwhelmed, and uninspired too. When they do, the worst thing they can do is simply consume more content. This addiction to content is often fueled by fear (also called FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out).

The problem is they’re not even applying 1/10 of what they already know. More content gives them the illusion of accomplishment. They rationalize that they ARE doing something…they’re eating. But simply shoveling in more content only leaves them feeling guilty, fat, lazy, and undisciplined.

Seven years ago I made a commitment not to consume content unless I had a pre-established purpose.

Until thought is linked with a purpose, there is no intelligent accomplishment.   —James Allen (Tweet This)

In other words, I wouldn’t just go to the cupboard (in this case the Internet) and consume empty calories. Instead, I’d do the tough work before I eat. I’d determine my purpose for consuming the content first.

Then I wouldn’t consume another piece of content until I applied what I just consumed. This drastically reduced my intake and it forced me to become an implementor.

Did it work?

Besides having more margin, sanity, peace, contentment, and joy I also:

Went from my Day Job to Dream Job (full-time).

Wrote 4 more books. (7 total now)

Ghostwrote 3 other books.

Coached over 250 authors (many whom I helped write, publish, and market their own books.)

Co-founded Author Academy Elite.

Launched a Podcast.

Started a non-profit.

Coached over 1000 business clients.

Certified over 125 coaches, speakers, and trainers on my content.

Spoke at various conference, corporate/non-profit events.

Partnered with key influencers in my industry (such as Dan Miller for Escaping Shawshank).

Served my local business community with over 50 FREE seminars at the Igniting Souls Fellowship.

And much more.


You’d be amazed how much time you save if you chose to become selective about the content you consume. I’m not suggesting you stop consuming altogether. Rather, in episode 70, I share the formula I use to help me choose the content I consume.

I call it The Information D.I.E.T. It’s easy to list the components (knowledge). But if you want to hear how to use the formula you need to listen to the episode (wisdom). If you apply this formula in your own life you’ll literally save a minimum of 10 hours per week for the rest of your life.

Here are the components of the D.I.E.T.

D = Determine where you want to go

I = Identify who’s getting the results you want

E = Eliminate all the empty calories

T = Turn your focus only after squeezing and applying every last drop of value

Now go listen to the episode. Your belly and business will thank you.


QUESTION: Do you think going on a D.I.E.T. will help you?

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