Episode 71- WHY YOU NEED TO NICHE: How being a jack of all trades guarantees you won’t be a master of money

Maybe you’ve heard people boast how they’re a:

Jack of all trades and a master of none

But is this really something to boast about? Or is it a sign that they haven’t done the deep work.

If you look at superstars they have something in common. They’re all masters. Why? Maybe because they all narrowed their niche.

Take a peek: 

Steve Jobs = Innovative pioneer

Dave Ramsey = Financial freedom

Harriet Tubman= Influential abolitionist

Marcus Buckingham = Strength-based leadership

Bono = Humanitarian activist

Martin Luther King Jr. = Freedom fighter

John Eldredge = Unleashed heart

You be the judge. Imagine you’re on vacation in a small town and your tooth starts killing you. Let’s say there are two dentists in that town who can fix your tooth. 

 FIRST DENTIST (Jack) = The first dentist named Jack markets himself as a taxidermist, candlemaker, gardener, grocer,  ski instructor, and dentist. 

SECOND DENTIST (Nancy) = The second dentist named Nancy markets herself as a dentist only.



With limited time which one would you visit?
I think most would agree. Dr. Narrow Niche Nancy would attract much more business. 

 In this episode we explore why you need to niche if you’re serious about making money. 
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This week’s top videos I recorded with you in mind. (Click links to watch) 

This week’s top 2 quotes I wrote with you in mind: 

QUOTE 1 = When you’re doing your best creative work, put your head down, finish the deadline, and let the world pass you by. When you lift your head back up, finished, the world will be exactly the same, and you’ll be the one who has changed.

QUOTE 2 = TODAY YOU ARE LOVED. Someone is receiving unwelcome news. Another is burying a loved one. Still someone else’s heart is breaking for their child to realize the truth. BUT TODAY YOU ARE LOVED. Someone is saying goodbye. Another is trying to make ends meet. Still someone else’s mind is slipping. BUT TODAY YOU ARE LOVED. You can spend the day fretting over how many likes, fans, readers, and friends you can amass. Or you can stand confident in the truth that TODAY YOU ARE LOVED…by the God who created everything.

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