Why your book is NOT your business card


Ever hear this before…


Probably not. But have you ever heard this before…


Probably so.

Your book is not a business card

I go to a few conferences a year. Many times I meet authors or aspiring authors. I often hear them refer to their books as a business card. I’ve heard them say statements like:

  • I need to crank out some kind of book so I have more credibility in my industry.
  • My book is just an extra thick business card.
  • People don’t actually need to read my book; I just want them to think I’m an expert.

Sad, but true. These types of books don’t change lives. What business card ever has?

the $100 startupYour book can change lives

I take the topic of books very seriously. Why? Because books have changed my life. For starters, my favorite book is the Bible. That book has shaped the way I see myself, the world, and God.

Other books have inspired me to make major shifts in my life—like The $100 Startup. It came to me a time when I needed vision. It helped me think my Dream Job was possible. Notice the pic. Do you think I got a lot out of it?)

Just the other day I got a handwritten card from someone in the mail. This girl read my book (Your Secret Name) AND joined our related coaching program (Your Secret Name 5 Week Journey). Here’s what she said:

Thank you for your gift of journeying through Your Secret Name program. My roommate has gone the longest she has ever gone without acting out her eating disorder. She’s at over 3 months now.

By going through the program together, so many deep spiritual things were brought up that we had never discussed together. We had some incredible conversations and were challenged with so many things to think about and talk to God about.

I feel it helped me in my intimacy with Jesus. I feel like I grew in the ability to ask God really genuine questions and I feel like he revealed His love for me in a new way. You are a wise and Godly man and I am so thankful that you are willing not only to share your story, but also to provide a safe and beautiful place for others to share theirs. Thank you for your gift! Two lives were changed!! 

Your book can be a business

If you want your book to become a business you need to position it that way. Successful authors think of their books as a business. Even better, they structure their books as a business, even during the writing phase.


QUESTION: What book changed your life?

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