Do You Need a Master Coach?

A relationship with a coach can be one of the most powerful, transformational, and distinct relationships you’ll ever experience. According to research from the Harvard Business Review, a master coach can help you achieve life-changing results that yield success and significance.

Meet Our Master Coaches

Our Igniting Souls Team is comprised of over 200 members worldwide. Each independent coach has been certified on a variety of content including Your Secret Name, The Deeper Path, and Day Job to Dream Job. Each team member comes from a unique background and brings a unique skill-set.

The coaches below have achieved a superior ranking. As a result, we are honored to feature them as our Master Level Coaches. To begin a coaching conversation please complete the application below. Your potential coach will respond back promptly. We look forward to connecting with you.

Louise Elliott

Louise Elliott, Founder of CareerPowerShift, LLC, is a Leadership & Career Coach who works with successful leaders to discover their uniqueness, tribe, and cause so that they can impact their families, workplace, and communities that matter most to them.

Louise is deeply committed to the success and growth of others with strong compassion. She is passionate about empowering individuals to overcome their self-limiting obstacles through self-investment strategies to achieve career success. Whether you are an individual, a manager, or an executive, Louise can help you to overcome struggles and gain clarity in your career path.

Joel Kessel

Joel Kessel is a communications strategist, message architect and public relations expert who helps professionals—authors, business owners, executives, entrepreneurs—think more strategically and communicate more effectively so they can increase their impact on their people and their bottom line.

Joel's goal is to help his clients define their audience, develop their message and deliver a smart strategy for accomplishing their goals, impacting their people and serving their clients with excellence. When you partner with Joel you get straightforward, genuine perspective, advice and counsel that is insightful, pushes you to think differently and encourages you to take action so you can start achieving your goals right now.

Niccie Kliegl

Niccie Kliegl is the author of Awaking the Living Legacy. She's also a coach, talk show host, and speaker who is passionate about awaking the hearts, minds, and souls of those she encounters. As founder of Fulfill Your Legacy she assists her clients to discover, and live out, their God-given life purpose, to gain health and wellness that sustains, and to accept the abundance and legacy that Christ left for all.

Niccie helps new entrepreneurs clarify and accomplish the steps needed to carry out the lifework God set before them. Committed and engaged, she uses one on one coaching in masterminds to give her clients hands on support, in 9 areas of business success. Niccie loves teaching this all to her clients, watching them grow, and excel!

Chris McClure

Chris McClure, founder of Lead Life BIG, LLC, is an author, coach, speaker, and trainer in the areas of personal growth and leadership development. He equips leaders and entrepreneurs to design GREAT lives and develop GREAT organizations through faith-based coaching and leadership training. He has more than 20 years of leadership experience through his work as a pastor, member of numerous nonprofit boards and committees, as well as, being a youth sports coach.

Chris is the author of “The Way To Greatness: The Five Continual Choices That Lead To The GREAT Life” in which he teaches readers how to grow in their faith, relationships, mindset, resource management, and time maximization. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Jill, and they have three incredible kids (Ryan, Evan, and Anna).

Linda Outka

Linda Outka is passionate about creating a safe place for people to discover their potential and fulfill who they were born to be. Through thought-provoking questions, she helps her coaching clients achieve clarity in their thinking and alignment in their strategy. From resolving interpersonal conflict to achieving balance in every area of life, Linda partners with her coaching clients as they break free of self-limiting beliefs and achieve their dreams and aspirations.

The founder of Breakthrough Solutions, she has been coaching corporate executives, pastors and leaders in a wide range of fields for more than 20 years. Linda is especially passionate about coaching ministry leaders and resolving conflict in all settings. She is the author of Pebbles in My Shoe: Three Steps to Breaking through Interpersonal Conflict.

Mary Riesberg

Mary Riesberg believes communication is at the basic core of life. It may be communicating to a crowd of 1000 or to the crowd of one that lives in your head. Mary is an expert in communication, leadership and strategic life planning. She moves her clients from being stuck, dull, and empty to pursuing a life with passion.

Mary understands that personal growth transmits to positive change in all areas of your life. She is professional coach, international speaker and author of Center Ring: 7 Steps to Finding Balance and Momentum in Your Relationship with Christ and 7 Secrets to Successful Presentations. Those that work with her quickly begin pursuing life with passion again.

Daphne Smith

Kathy Binner

Kathy Binner is a Passive Income Coach and a Health and Wealth Educator.  She is deeply committed to helping you discover a better healthier lifestyle and a passive income option so that you can experience freedom to live your dreams. Put your choices into action and watch your life change "while you sleep". #simplystart

Kathy's unique background and certifications, qualifies her to identify the right opportunities, create an individual strategy and personalize an action plan so that one can live a healthier lifestyle and earn income without having to "punch the time clock". She help's you create a plan for personal development. Kathy and her significant other, Marc also own and manage the Carraway Guest House, a residential guest house in Canal Winchester, Ohio.

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