A relationship with a coach can be one of the most powerful, transformational, and distinct relationships you’ll ever experience. According to research from the Harvard Business Review, a master coach can help you achieve life-changing results that yield success and significance.


Our Igniting Souls Team is comprised of over 200 members worldwide. Each independent coach has been certified on a variety of content including Your Secret Name, The Deeper Path, and Day Job to Dream Job. Each team member comes from a unique background and brings a unique skill-set.

The coaches below have achieved a superior ranking. As a result, we are honored to feature them as our Master Level Coaches. To begin a coaching conversation please complete the application below. Your potential coach will respond back promptly. We look forward to connecting with you.


Niccie Kliegl is the author of Awaking the Living Legacy. She's also a coach, talk show host, and speaker who is passionate about awaking the hearts, minds, and souls of those she encounters. As founder of Fulfill Your Legacy she assists her clients to discover, and live out, their God-given life purpose, to gain health and wellness that sustains, and to accept the abundance and legacy that Christ left for all.

Niccie helps new entrepreneurs clarify and accomplish the steps needed to carry out the lifework God set before them. Committed and engaged, she uses one on one coaching in masterminds to give her clients hands on support, in 9 areas of business success. Niccie loves teaching this all to her clients, watching them grow, and excel!



Dr. Tony Colson is committed to individuals who know there is realized greatness within them waiting to be unlocked. His belief in his clients draws out untapped potential and helps them discover who they are, why they are here, and how to use their unique gifts and talents to impact the world. Through strategic thinking, systematic processes, and just enough ‘push’, Tony's clients rise to their challenges and become great in life.

Tony is the author of Unlocking Your Divine DNA and the creator of My Pursuit 180 (MP180), a systematic process of change designed for individuals and organizations to bring about desired change in their life or business. He and his wife, LaShea, serve as pastors of ICON Church. He is also an adjunct professor for Lee University, and is one of our New Author coaches for AAE. Tony and LaShea have been married for over 25 years, have 4 beautiful children, have traveled extensively around the world, and currently live in Columbia, SC.


Kathy Binner is a Passive Income Coach and a Health and Wealth Educator.  She is deeply committed to helping you discover a better healthier lifestyle and a passive income option so that you can experience freedom to live your dreams. Put your choices into action and watch your life change "while you sleep". #simplystart

Kathy's unique background and certifications, qualifies her to identify the right opportunities, create an individual strategy and personalize an action plan so that one can live a healthier lifestyle and earn income without having to "punch the time clock". She help's you create a plan for personal development. Kathy and her significant other, Marc also own and manage the Carraway Guest House, a residential guest house in Canal Winchester, Ohio.