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How to Shift from Solopreneur to
Leader of a Global Empire

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Wednesday October 9th, 2019
9:30 - 11:00 AM Eastern
Kary Oberbrunner will be sharing a new teaching...

How to Shift from Solopreneur to Leader of a Global Empire
In business, we all start somewhere, usually alone. But if we remain there, we’ll stagnate. Our dream will never reach its full potential. Let’s be honest though, growing a global empire is difficult. Part of us doesn’t want to share our dream. We feel like others won’t do it as well as us. Other times we may feel unworthy enlisting others. If we can’t earn enough for ourselves, how can we pay other people? Our future is clear. Unless we learn how to grow our dream and our team, we’ll never experience the freedom, finances, and fulfillment we deserve. How can we break through to our next level?
In this live experience you'll discover:
  • ​How to earn enough to pay yourself well and start paying others
  • ​The pros and cons of growing your dream and your team
  • ​How to shortcut the path to promotion and grow your global empire
People who should attend this event:
  • Business Leaders who want to spread their message
  •  Non-Profit Influencers who want to propel their mission
  • Aspiring Authors who have a story to share
  • Coaches and Speakers who need more clients
  • Professionals who want to increase their credibility in the marketplace
  • Published Authors who aren't sure how to market their books effectively
Two ways to attend:
Two ways to attend:
In Person
Facebook Live
This event can be experienced in person at: 

7719 Graphics Way, B
Lewis Center, OH 43035
Facebook Live
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