Do you have a passion for editing or writing?

Many talented proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters contact Igniting Souls Publishing Agency offering their services. We are honored by this offer. After all, we attract brilliant authors in need of your services.

Within our unique publishing model, we provide paid gigs by pairing our authors with approved professionals. Naturally, these proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters are extremely talented. Many of them also have decades of experience.

We’ve developed a system that protects and benefits both the author and the service provider. By vetting our proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters with an assessment, we create win-win experiences time and time again.


If you desire to be considered as one of our approved professionals and receive paying gigs, please take the following steps:

1. Complete The Guild Membership Application form: https://forms.gle/zM1pUpMvVkq7CGg56.

2. Complete the Assessments. Once we receive your form, our team will contact you with some assessments so that we can analyze your skill set and determine if you are a good fit for The Guild.

Fees and Compensation

We attract brilliant authors to Author Academy Elite through effective marketing strategies. In our unique publishing model, we don’t take a dime for printing costs or royalties. Rather, our authors retain all their profits and intellectual property. As a result, acquiring these authors is an expense that costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. In addition to these qualified clients, we provide Guild members with the following:

    • an exclusive online community
    • quarterly coaching calls
    • training materials (including articles, videos, a copy of The Chicago Manual of Style, etc.)
    • ongoing training and feedback to help you improve as a writer and/or editor

To offset these costs, as of November 2021, the fee to join The Guild is $197 (graduates of Ghostwriter Academy get $50 off).

Additional Details

    • Oftentimes, our proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters earn back their fees with the first gig we send them.
    • The managing editor will set the fee for proofreading and editing gigs and then it's up to you to take the assigned work.
    • Guild members earn a fair fee for their work. One ghostwriter recently received a 5-figure gig.

Next Steps

At this time, we have a few more spots available within The Guild for proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters. If you desire to become one of our recommended professionals and receive paying gigs, please click the link to apply below. We look forward to a potential partnership. If you have additional questions about The Guild, please email TheGuild@IgnitingSouls.com.