Thank you for your interest in becoming a writer for hire!

Many talented proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters contact our publishing house (Author Academy Elite) offering their services. We are honored by this offer. After all, we attract brilliant authors in need of your services.

Within our unique publishing model, we provide paid gigs by pairing our authors with approved professionals. Naturally, these proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters are extremely talented. Many of them also have decades of experience.

We’ve developed a system that protects and benefits both the author and the service provider. By vetting our proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters with a certification process, we create win-win experiences time and time again.

If you desire to be considered as one of our approved professionals who receives paying gigs, please take the following steps:

  • Complete Ghostwriter Academy: As expected, this online course teaches the addresses proofreading, editing, and ghostwriting and specifically how to build a successful business as a writer for hire. It also unpacks the unique publishing culture, values, and system that helped us create a global family of over 500 authors (that’s growing every day). Many Ghostwriter Academy graduates point to the online course as the single best experience that helped them increase their influence, impact, and income as a professional in the industry. We take the business side of editing and ghostwriting seriously, and we show you a proven system for leveling up the value you bring to the marketplace.
  • Join The Guild. The Guild is a gathering of elite certified ghostwriters and editors—a vibrant community of writers doing what they love together. We pair The Guild members (graduates of Ghostwriter Academy) with our Author Academy Elite authors who need their professional services.

Fees and Compensation:

We attract brilliant authors to Author Academy Elite through effective marketing strategies. In our unique publishing model, we don’t take a dime for printing costs or royalties. Rather, our authors retain all their profits and intellectual property. As a result, acquiring these authors is an expense that costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. To offset these acquisition costs, we require a one-time fee of $497 for Ghostwriter Academy and a $197 annual fee for membership in The Guild. For every paid gig you receive, 20% goes back to The Guild. This fee is used compensate the managing editor assigned to your project.


Additional Details:

  • Oftentimes, our proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters earn back their fees with the first gig we send them.
  • Each professional sets his or her own fees.
  • The Guild members earn a fair fee for their work. One ghostwriter recently received a 5-figure gig (see pic at the bottom of the page).


Next Steps:

At this time, we have a few more spots available within The Guild for proofreaders, editors, and ghostwriters. If you desire to become one of our recommended professionals who receive paying gigs, then please visit the page below. We encourage you to read the reviews from our graduates and decide for yourself if Ghostwriter Academy is right for you. We look forward to a potential partnership. If you have additional questions about the Academy, please email submission@authoracademyelite.com

Here's what our graduates are saying...


"Ghostwriter Academy is a solid program that provides clarity and a framework for anyone wanting to launch a behind-the-scenes writing career. It's a great compliment to Author Academy Elite and publishing your own works. The Guild is a priceless addition and opportunity to get connected, not only with other authors, but those seriously interested in hiring a ghostwriter. It has not only set me up well in my career path, but also added value in my personal growth!"

Kathy Johnson, Fremont, NE


"This course that encompasses both skill, marketing, and personal development! Ghostwriter Academy takes you toward a new career path and helps you look at the road from many angles. It prepared me mentally and professionally to take my first client. I am thankful for the opportunity to be included in this rising community."

Debra Hayes, Georgetown, KY


"I already knew I could write a book because I'm a two-time author. My big question was, 'Could I write someone else's book?' This course gave me the clarity I needed to answer that question. I discovered a resounding YES!  I realized I am a storyteller who loves other people's stories. Thanks for the clarity!"

Kirsten Samuel, Colorado Springs, CO


"As a ghostwriter I was unaware that I was undermining my business. Thankfully, this course opened my thinking and took my perspective to a new level altogether! I highly recommend this course to everyone regardless of where you are in your writing journey. Even if you have ghostwritten a few books, you'll be surprised with how much you didn't know."

Rahil Patel, United Kingdom

One ghostwriter recently received a 5-figure gig!