Igniting Souls Chapter Games

May 25, 2021 - October 21, 2021

Welcome to Igniting Souls Chapter Games!

This brand new competition rewards you (and your chapter) for spreading the word about Igniting Souls programs and experiences. 

At Igniting Souls, our programs are designed to help Authors, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Speakers (ACES) gain more influence, impact, and income. We've heard heartwarming stories from many of you about how Igniting Souls has made a significant impact on your life. Now is your chance to share your story with friends, family, and other writers to change their lives - and be rewarded for it!

Do you know someone who is just starting down the path of writing their first book, but they aren't sure where to begin?

We can help!

And you earn a commission on every Igniting Souls course or service that your friends, family, and other referrals enroll in.

Simply share your Igniting Souls success story and, when your friends or family enroll in any course or service, you'll earn a commission. It's as simple as that!


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How it Works

The chapter with the most combined affiliate sales (minimum of $25,000) AND chapter engagement points will receive a two-day live visit with Kary Oberbrunner to help you grow your book, business, and brand.

All members who earned a commission in that chapter will receive a complimentary workshop ticket, which includes breakfast, lunch, and curriculum.

Kary will stay on-site for a second day and host a special event for the public. The winning chapter can invite friends and family to this special second-day event and earn even more commissions.


Here is all you need to do:

  1. Chapter registers for Chapter Games here.
  2. Each Chapter member signs up to become an affiliate here: https://karyoberbrunner.com/affiliates
  3. Once enrolled, follow the instructions provided to log in to the affiliate program and copy your unique affiliate link. 
  4. Share the graphics, the copy, and, most importantly, your affiliate link everywhere: social media, emails, personal invites, websites, blog posts, etc.
  5. We will track any purchases made through your affiliate link starting May 25, 2021 and running through October 21 2021. Remember, this includes Igniting Souls Conference registration, as well as any other Igniting Souls course or program listed in the affiliate program. 

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How You Can Earn Points and Commissions 

Affiliate Commissions

Be sure to sign up for the Igniting Souls affiliate program here to earn income AND points:

Chapter Engagement Additional Points

Affiliate Links - 1 point per $1

For every dollar generated through affiliate links, you earn one point.

Igniting Souls Conference Tickets - 500 or 1000 points

Chapter member purchases or redeems an Igniting Souls Conference ticket.

General Ticket: 500 points per member
VIP Ticket: 1000 points per member

Igniting Souls Chapter Highlight Video - 250 points*

Post a video highlighting your Igniting Souls Chapter on social media (5 minutes max).
Include testimonials from chapter members regarding the impact the chapter has had on them personally and professionally (see below).

Author Academy Elite Book Launch - 250 points*

One Author Academy Elite book launch (author to post on social media). 

Social Media Post - Chapter Meeting - 200 points*

Post a photo of a public chapter meeting on social media (see below).  

Welcome New Chapter Member - 150 points

Welcome one new member to your chapter. 

Press Release - 150 points

Chapter member publishes a press release with a mention of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency, Author Academy Elite, or Author Elite Awards (send to support@ignitingsouls.com). 

Chapter Meeting Photo Post to Social Media - 100 points*

Post a photo of your chapter meeting on social media (see below).

Media Appearance - 100 points

Chapter member gets a media appearance with a mention of Igniting Souls Publishing, Author Academy Elite, or Author Elite Awards (send a link to support@ignitingsouls.com). 

Igniting Souls T-shirt Post on Social Media - 50 points*

Post a photo wearing your Igniting Souls t-shirt on social media (see below).

Author Elite Awards Book Entry and Share "Vote" Graphic - 50 points*

One Author Elite Awards book entry and share your “vote” graphic. 


* Post publicly to YOUR social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). The post must include your chapter location and the hashtag #ChapterGames (so we can track your points). Be sure to tag your chapter members. You may also share to your chapter's social media page, but only posts on your personal social media pages will be counted for points.


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