Do you dream of seeing your book as a film?

Would your story resonate with a movie audience?

Adapting your work for the screen can broaden your fan base, open up a whole new level in your career, and greatly increase your book sales.

Film industry veteran, Sara McDermott-Jain, understands what you need to know to become a successful screenwriter, as well as insights, tips, and tricks for surviving in the film world.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of adapting your writing to the big screen, this is the training you’ve been waiting for.

This training breaks down what you need to know about adapting a book for the screen and thinking like someone in the film industry. This is an opportunity to open yourself up to an entirely new dimension within your writing career.

"Sara played an essential role in getting the Elixir Project screenplay prepared for distribution to Hollywood producers. Her clarity and competence about the industry demystified the process and put success within our reach." —Kary Oberbrunner, award-winning author of Elixir Project

What You Will Learn

1: How writing a screenplay can catapult your book sales and global influence

2: How Hollywood gatekeepers think and act about books, scripts, and adaptations

3: How a screenplay can increase your engagement and income

4: How learning the rules of screenwriting can make you an even better author

In this course, you will learn all these insider secrets and much more!

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your work adapted into a film, that dream was given to you for a reason. There is a larger audience and an entirely different medium that is ready for your story. Don’t shortchange yourself—or the world—by not taking the step that’s yours to take!

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Sara McDermott-Jain is a produced and award-winning screenwriter with over 15 years experience in the film industry. She is also the founder of the PRINDIE (Princeton Independent) Film Festival and a published writer. She has worked with dozens of production companies over the years to get scripts production-ready, and teaches screenwriting at both Immaculata and Neumann Universities.

Kary Oberbrunner is an American entrepreneur, bestselling author, and publisher. He is the CEO of Igniting Souls Publishing Agency and an international speaker on leadership, personal growth, human performance, and business. He co-wrote a screenplay based on Elixir Project, his young adult dystopian thriller, with Sophie Gardiner.